The Cake Lady is open Wednesday through Saturday for appointments. Please note we do not take appointments on Sundays, Mondays, or Tuesdays. We try to accommodate our deliveries and schedules as well as yours! We ask for a minimum 1-2 week notice on all appointments.

Tasting Bags:

We do sell our tasting bags to-go as well for $25.00 if you would like to sample something sooner rather than later.

Wedding Cake Information:

All of our cakes are layered cakes. Tiered wedding cake begins at $4.00 per slice and sheet cake begins at $3.00 per slice. Both cake slices look exactly the same on the plate. They both go up from there depending on the flavor of cake, and the flavor of fillings. Fondant adds a minimum $1.00 per slice. There is a decoration charge (totally dependent on how you choose to decorate your cake) and a delivery and set-up charge, which is $50.00 to downtown Milwaukee, (it goes up from there depending on mileage).

Wedding Cupcakes:

We have three different sizes of cupcakes; mini - small - large. Mini begin at $2.00 each, small begin at $2.75 each, large begin at $3.25 each.

Cupcake Displays:

Our large size decorated cardboard cupcake displays can be purchased for $100.00. They are disposable, and do not need to be returned.